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Pronk, Cornelis (1691-1759)


Object  2011768








Height 39 mm (1.54 inch), diameter of rim 281 mm (11.06 inch), diameter of footring 153 mm (6.02 inch), weight grams 575 (20.28 ounce (oz.))


Dish on footring with a broad flat underglaze brown-edged rim (jia mangkou), heightened with gilt. Decorated in underglaze blue and some gilt highlights with the 'Arbour' design by the Dutch artist Cornelis Pronk (1691-1759). In the centre two Chinese ladies, one seated by a table the other holding a flower under a European leafy arbour with climbing roses. Outside the arbour to the left three Chinese boys, to the right one Chinese boy appears from behind the arbour. Around the arbour a garden with two birds perched in a tree on one side and a flowering rose on the other. In the foreground two ducks on a pond. On the rim twelve oval cartouches containing alternately butterflies, fruit and flowers, reserved on a square-diaper underglaze blue ground. Between the cartouches feather plumes at the inner edge and baroque palmettes/shells at the outer. On the reverse around the rim tasseled lappets in underglaze blue.


In total, only three underglaze blue dinner services with the ‘Arbour’ design, of 371 pieces each, were ordered. Based on the Requirements of the VOC, of this particular size probably only twenty-four dishes (eight for each dinner service) were ordered. Beside dinner services the order also describes nine mantel piece sets and tea services and even twelve wall sconces. Curiously, underglaze blue tea wares with this decoration are not known, even though nine blue and white sets were sent. The blue arbour design by Pronk is far less common than its enamelled counterpart and therefore quite rare. 


For some identically decorated underglaze blue Pronk ‘Arbour’ dishes, please see: 

Condition: A small spot of light crazing to the glaze, rubbing to the gilt decoration and two small firing flaws.



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Price: Sold.


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