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Chine de commande - Western Subjects 1680-1800 - Western Designers -Merian, Maria Sybille (1647-1717)


Object 2011522








Height 45 mm (1.77 inch), diameter of rim 352 mm (13.86 inch), diameter of footring 145 mm (5.71 inch), weight 556 grams (19.61 ounce (oz.))


Dish on footring, flat underglaze brown-edged rim (jia mangkou). Decorated in underglaze blue and gold with two flowers, one iris the other possibly a peony variant encircled by a decorative border in underglaze blue with flower heads in gold. On the sides and rim intertwined floral and foliate scrolls. The decoration in gold has completely rubbed off but is still visible in ghost form.


German/Dutch botanist Maria Sybille Merian (1647-1717), described the insects of the West Indies, Surinam in particular. For the central decoration on this specific dish, no matching print of her has been found. The intertwined floral and foliate scrolls decoration on the sides make that this dish can be categorised as a "Merian-style" dish.


Sargent states that with regard to the polychrome enamel "Merian" dishes, four separate engravings from the third volume of Maria Sybille Merian's Raupenbuch (Caterpillar Book), published posthumously by her daughter in 1717, were used to compose the illustration on this plate and those in blue and white as well. (Sargent 2012, p.245)


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Condition: The decoration in gold has completely rubbed off but is still visible in ghost form. Firing flaws to the base and footring, two fleabites and a frit to the rim.



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Price: € 399 - $ 439 - £ 338

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