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Chinese wares over-decorated in the West 1700-1800 - Dutch over-decorated Amsterdams Bont wares


Object 2012268





1730-1750, over-decorated in the Netherlands, Amsterdams Bont, c.1750-1770


Height 73 mm (2.87 inch), diameter of rim 150 mm (5.91 inch), diameter of footring 59 mm (2.32 inch), weight 268 grams (9.45 ounce (oz.))


Bowl on footring with a straight underglaze brown-edged rim (jia mangkou). Carved anhua (secret) decoration of leafy branches. Decorated in underglaze blue with two diaper pattern borders one near the foorting the other round the rim. On the bottom a flower head in a single concentric band. Over-decorated in iron-red, black, gold and other overglaze enamels, in the Netherlands, Amsterdams Bont, c.1750-1770 with two figures in a landscape with trees, bushes, a pond and a house. One figure is sitting under a tree his elbow resting on his leg while his hand is supporting his head. The other figure is approaching while holding a stick, his scarf is being blown up by the wind.


The impression of the over-decoration on this bowl is clearly of famille verte. Very few examples copying famille verte porcelains are known suggesting that there was a plentiful supply of Chinese originals and that there was therefore no gap in the market for the European decorators to fill. As Dutch and English decorators copied so few famille verte pieces it is tempting to allocate all the European decorated pieces which have a predominantly green palette to the famille verte style even though they may hardly resemble the Chinese originals. (Espir 2005, pp.97-102


Anhua is a Chinese term meaning 'secret or hidden decoration', it is incised or carved into the body below the glaze. (Espir 2005, p.254


For a similarly Dutch over-decorated Amsterdams Bont covered bowl, formerly in the Helen Espir collection, please see:

Condition: Two hairlines to the rim.



Sargent 2012, cat. 329

Salisbury 2014, cat. 372


Price: € 299 - $ 337 - £ 268

(the $ and £ prices are approximates and depend on the € price exchange rate)


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