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Object 2012104


Small salt






Height 38 mm (1.49 inch), diameter top 58 mm (2.28 inch), diameter concave scale 38 mm (1.50 inch), diameter foot 59 mm (2.32 inch), weight 93 grams (3.28 ounce (oz.)) 


Small salt, the high domed body on three small ball feet, a recessed glazed base. The neck widening into a flat rim with a concave top. Decorated in underglaze blue with flowering peony plants alternating with small flowering plants. On the flat top and round the foot a zig-zag-lines pattern border, a lotus plant on top. Marked on the bottom with the symbol mark: artemisia leaf, underglaze blue.


Modelled after an European pewter or earthenware salt, the material and the Chinese style decoration made this salt an exotic object that was prominently placed on a richly laid table. At this time salts were ordered separately, and only much later as part of a dinner service. With many Christian connotations, salt was an important seasoning at dinner before the 19th century and salts were larger and more elaborate than they are today. (Howard 1994, p.125), (Jörg 2011/2, p.148)


Condition: A very tiny glaze rough spot to the top rim. A fleabite and five frits (one with a connected hairline) to the under/inside of the foot.



Howard 1994, p.125 

Jörg 2011/2, p.148


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