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From November 11 to


December 31, 2021


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on all our ceramics, earthenware and books,


including all objects in the recent acquisitions page.


(excluding all objects in the bargain sale categories)



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Welcome,  歡迎,  to Pater Gratia Oriental Art.


Specialized in fine Chinese and Japanese 17th and 18th century export porcelain. 


Please feel free to browse through the various pages and objects of this website.


The objects for sale are divided in the following categories:

Newly acquired objects are first added to the 'Recent Acquisitions' category. After four weeks each object will be moved to their specific category or, if sold, to the 'Sold Archives' category.


The definitions used in the condition reports are explained in the 'Condition Reports: Definitions' category.


The 'Bibliography' category contains all books and catalogues used in references. On the information page of each book is mentioned whether a book is a private copy or, if more copies are available, if it is for sale.


Finally the 'Sold Archives' category contains an informative database of all previously sold objects. 


Thank you for reading this page and visiting my website.


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