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The Vung Tau Cargo, c.1690


Shipwreck Porcelains - The Vung Tau Cargo, c.1690


Object 201069








Provenance: The Vung Tau Cargo. Chinese Export Porcelain sale, Christie's Amsterdam, 7-8 April 1992.


Height 58 mm (2.28 inch), diameter of rim 115 mm (4.53 inch), diameter of footring 40 mm (1.58 inch), weight 162 grams (5.71 ounce (oz.))


Bowl on footring with spreading sides, a flaring rim and an unglazed base. Covered with a greenish celadon type glaze, decorated in underglaze blue. On the bottom a character in a roundel. On the exterior wall four different characters. On the bowl the two original Christie's "Vung Tau Cargo" sale labels proving it has been part of lot 963, one of 200 bowls sold in this lot. (Amsterdam 1992, p.128)


These 'provincial' wares formed the bulk of the shipment of southern wares and were originally sold as food bowls, they received minimum care when stowed: piled on top of each other and crammed under roofbeams. (Jörg & Flecker 2001, p.81)


In total 2,281 bowls, by Christie's named the 'Provincial blue and white bowls', were sold divided over the lots: 1000-1011. (Amsterdam 1992)


Condition: Perfect. 



Jongsma 1992, pp.453-456

Amsterdam 1992, lots 960-977

Jörg & Flecker 2001, fig. 81


Price: € 199 - $ 221 - £ 179

(the $ and £ prices are approximates and depend on the € price exchange rate)


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