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Southeast Asia / Other Ceramics


Object 2010200




Annamese (Vietnamese)




Height 92 mm (3.62 inch), diameter 88 mm (3.46 inch), diameter of rim 29 mm (1.14 inch), diameter of footring 49 mm (1.93 inch), weight 269 grams (9.49 ounce (oz.))


Octagonal jarlet on footring with angled shoulder and a short upright neck. Crackled glaze. Decorated in underglaze blue with octagonal shaped panels filled with flowering plants alternating with rectangular shaped panels filled with a zig-zag-lines pattern. Round the shoulder panels with flower sprays alternating with panels with zig-zag lines. Round the shoulder an overlapping pointed lotus leaf-pattern border.


Similarly shaped and decorated jarlets were found amongst the salvaged cargo of the The Lena Shoal junk shipwreck which sank around 1490 during the Ming-Dynasty in the reign of the Emperor Hongzhi. The Lena shipwreck was discovered in 1997 at a depth of 48 meters.  She was wrecked on a reef and sank off the island of Busuanga, in the Philippines, one of about 7,000 islands, reefs and sandbanks in the area. It contained more than 5,000 objects, mostly Asian ceramics, but also small bronze guns, lacquer toilets, bronze bracelets, lead and iron ingots, woks, copper containers, spices, glass beads and elephant tusks. (source: UNESCO)


For similarly shaped and decorated jarlets, please see:

Condition: Some firing flaws to the footring caused by the firing process.



Lammers en Ridho 1974, cat. 5A90/1945


Price: € 299 - $ 363 - £ 270

(the $ and £ prices are approximates and depend on the € price exchange rate)


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